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As well as a nation’s permanent military generated by barracks, it is possible to temporarily call up the general population to serve should the needs of the nation demand it. How important these temporary levies, called conscripts, are relates to your army model law and how large your standing military is. The navy cannot use conscripts.

The army model law has a large influence on how valuable conscription is. By changing to the ‘National Militia’ law, Russia here could increase its potential number of conscript battalions from 395 (visible on the left of the screen) to 1021.

Conscription centres[edit | edit source]

Conscription centres are similar to barracks, in that they are used to define the goods requirements and employment mix (between soldiers and officers). However, unlike barracks, the employment and goods requirements are only filled when the conscription centres are activated. When the consription center is not activated, they do not have any cost, neither wages nor goods

Law Requirements Effects
Peasant Levies icon
Peasant Levies
The army's main force comes from conscripted infantry with zero to basic training.
Professional Army icon
Professional Army
The army consists of well-trained, professional regulars.
Invention military drill.png Military Drill researched
National Militia icon
National Militia
The standing army is small, but local militias can be activated to defend their homes.
Invention mandatory service.png Mandatory Service
Mass Conscription icon
Mass Conscription
Large numbers of infantry conscripts can be activated as needed to supplement the professional army.
Enlistment Offices
  • +100 Conscription Center Conscription Center Max Level
  • +4% Conscription rate
  • +100% Training Rate (Scaled by building level)

Raising conscripts[edit | edit source]

Conscription centres can only be activated during diplomatic plays or during wartime, and are activated on a state-by-state basis. To activate conscription centres, open up the military window (shortcut F5) and on the army tab select ‘Activate conscripts’; or open up the military lens and in the ‘army’ tab select the ‘Activate Conscription Centres’ button.

The number of conscripts each conscription centre/state can support depends on the population of the state, and can vary substantially.

It is important to note that the people employed in the conscription centre will come from other activities in the state. For a state with a large peasant or unemployed population, this is only have a limited impact on the economy, and most or all buildings may maintain full employment, but activating a conscription centre in a state with no peasants or unemployed will impact employment (and wages) in other buildings. Raising a lot of conscript battalions from a state with no peasants may have a noticeable impact on the economy.

It also takes time to raise conscript battalions – for a state raising a large number, it may take longer than a diplomatic play to complete. Importantly, bear in mind that these troops will need equipping. Raising so many conscript battalions that there are equipment shortages will affect all battalions (regular and conscript) using that equipment.

Conscripts and generals[edit | edit source]

Generals have separate capacities for regular and conscript battalions, and conscript battalions when raised will automatically be assigned to generals for the HQ in which they have been raised until this capacity is met.

Here, the tooltip shows general Hugh Gough is in command of 53 regular battalions and 108 conscript battalions, and has capacity (without further promotion) for 19 more regular and 36 more conscript battalions.