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Decrees are effects that can be applied to individual states to improve them in many ways (see modifiers below). Decrees require 100 authority each to be applied. Some decrees can be stackable on the same state if they are of different types (see conditions below). Some decrees require certain technologies to have been researched (see required technology below).

List of decrees[edit | edit source]

Name Required technology Conditions Modifiers
Emergency Relief icon
Emergency Relief
Promote charitable support and care for the state's most unfortunate
Centralization Centralization
  • +50.0% Welfare Payments
Encourage Agricultural Industry icon
Encourage Agricultural Industry
Increase Agricultural and Plantation sector throughput
Enclosure Enclosure
Encourage Manufacturing Industry icon
Encourage Manufacturing Industry
Increase Manufacturing and Service sector throughput
Manufacturies Manufacturies
Encourage Resource Industry icon
Encourage Resource Industry
Increase Resource sector throughput
Shaft Mining Shaft Mining
Enlistment Efforts icon
Enlistment Efforts
Incentivizing recruitment and training of local troops through financial incentives and preferential treatment
Mandatory Service Mandatory Service
  • +5% Conscription Rate
  • +25.0% Training Rate
Greener Grass Campaign icon
Greener Grass Campaign
Promote the state as a desirable place to migrate to
Romanticism Romanticism
  • Is not an isolated state
Promote National Values icon
Promote National Values
Increase cultural assimilation and religious conversion rates
Centralization Centralization
  • At least one of:
    • Has assimilating pops
    • Has converting pops
Promote Social Mobility icon
Promote Social Mobility
Encourage the population to strive for higher job qualifications
Road Maintenance icon
Road Maintenance
Expand and maintain road networks
Centralization Centralization
  • +25.0% Infrastructure
  • +10.0% State Construction Efficiency
Violent Suppression icon
Violent Suppression
Use the nation's national guard to control the angry mobs
Standing Army Standing Army
  • −50% State Penalties from Turmoil
  • +2% Mortality per Turmoil