Great Britain

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Great Britain
Flag GBR uk.png
London, Home Counties

Government Type:
Law monarchy.png Monarchy

Primary Cultures:
English, Scottish

State Religion:
Religion protestant.png Protestant

Country Tier:

Country Type:

"Great Britain has roared into the 19th Century, rapidly becoming the first industrial nation. The massive empire is kept afloat by the labour across the globe. However William IV is close to death and who knows what sort of era the new monarch will usher in."

Great Britain, formally the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, is a Great power.png Great Power in Northern Europe. Great Britain begins as the most industrialized nation in 1836, and has an extensive colonial empire, with subjects and colonies on every continent.

Near the start of the game, the Hanoverian Succession and the Opium Wars are issues which confront Britain.

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

As the leader of the victorious coalition against Napoleon 20 years prior and as the premier industrial economy on the planet, Great Britain begins at the greatest power in 1836. Great Britain's overseas empire is extensive, owning Malta, much of the Caribbean, Belize, Guyana, the South Atlantic Islands, Newfoundland and all of Ireland. In addition to this, Great Britain has numerous subjects. In Africa, Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone and the Flag of South Africa Cape Colony are colonies of Britain. Flag of Canada Canada and Flag of Australia Australia are split among different colonies of Britain in 1836. However, they typically federalize as the game progresses. In Germany, Flag of Hanover Hanover starts as a British subject in a personal union with Britain, however this personal union breaks with the crowning of Queen Victoria. The rest of North-West Germany, including Flag of Hamburg Hamburg and Flag of Bremen Bremen, are inside of Britain’s market in the historical Steuerverein. The true jewel in the crown however is the Flag of East India Company British East India Company and its numerous Princely States vassals, who carry most of the Indian subcontinent in the British market, though the Flag of punjab Sikh Empire, Flag of Kalat Kalat, Flag of Makran Makran, and Flag of Sindh Sindh are free from Britain at the game’s start.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Great Britain begins with all era 1 technologies and several era 2 technologies researched.

Map mode production.png Production technology Event military.png Military technology Event portrait.png Society technology
  • Invention prospecting tech.png Prospecting
  • Invention intensive agriculture.png Intensive Agriculture
  • Invention railways.png Railways
  • Invention drydock.png Drydocks
  • Invention screw frigate.png Screw Frigate
  • Invention power of the purse.png Power of the Purse
  • Invention general staff.png General Staff
  • Invention napoleonic warfare.png Napoleonic Warfare
  • Invention percussion cap.png Percussion Cap
  • Invention law enforcement.png Law Enforcement
  • Invention stock exchanges.png Stock Exchange
  • Invention central banking.png Central Banking
  • Invention central archives.png Central Archives
  • Invention colonization.png Colonization
  • Invention egalitarianism.png Egalitarianism
  • Invention mass communication.png Mass Communication
  • Invention medical degrees.png Medical Degrees
  • Invention dialectics.png Dialectics
  • Invention romanticism.png Romanticism

Politics[edit | edit source]

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Great Britain has many subjects, including the Flag of East India Company British East India Company, Flag of South Africa Cape Colony, Flag of Hanover Hanover, the Flag of Trucial States Trucial States, and the constituent colonies of Flag of Canada Canada and Flag of Australia Australia. Britain also has directly owned colonies in Malta, Gibralter, Guyana, Newfoundland, the Caribbean, West Africa, and some other regions. Consequently, Great Britain has Active interest.png active interests in many parts of the world.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Starting Statistics
Statistic Starting value
Gdp.png GDP Hud money.png 36.1M
Population.png Population 26.0M
Literacy.png Literacy 54.2%
SOL.png Standard of Living SOL impoverished.png Impoverished (11.6)

Culture and Religion[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Under the starting Citizenship law, National Supremacy, the accepted cultures in Britain are English, Scottish, Welsh, and Anglo-Canadian, with the English having the most political power at 91.4% and 53.9% of population. Yankees, Dixies and Australians would also be accepted if any existed in Great Britain.

Culture Percent of population Political Power Status
English 53.9% 91.4% Primary
Scottish 10.9% 5.76% Primary
Welsh 2.98% 2.73% Accepted
Anglo-Canadian 0.15% 0.07% Accepted
Irish 26.7% 0.01% Discriminated
Afro-Caribbean 3.11% 0% Discriminated
Maltese 0.44% 0% Discriminated
Afro-Antillean 0.36% 0% Discriminated
Mande 0.35% 0% Discriminated
Spanish 0.18% 0% Discriminated
Akan 0.15% 0% Discriminated
Malay 0.15% 0% Discriminated
Fulbe 0.14% 0% Discriminated

Religion[edit | edit source]

The state religion of Britain is Protestant; with the starting Church and State law, Freedom of Conscience, all Christian religions are accepted.

Religion Percent of population Political Power Status
Protestant 70.5% 99.6% State religion
Catholic 28.2% 0.38% Accepted
Sunni 0.73% 0% Discriminated
Animist 0.26% 0% Discriminated
Jewish 0.08% 0% Discriminated
Mahayana 0.05% 0% Discriminated

References[edit | edit source]

Countries by Region

Notes: This table lists playable countries divided by superregion and region. Starting countries are listed by the region of their capital state, with formable and releasable countries not present at the start listed separately by superregion. Decentralized (non-playable) and special cases are listed separately.