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Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, are used to navigate the menus of Victoria 3. Some keyboard shortcuts can be edited under Controls in the game menu, and can also be found at $XDG_DATA_HOME/Paradox Interactive/Victoria 3/input_profiles/default.profile. To reset the keyboard shortcuts, rename or delete the file. A few additional shortcuts are defined in the game files at .steam/steam/steamapps/common/Victoria 3/game/gui/shortcuts.shortcuts.

Default controls[edit | edit source]

Panel keys[edit | edit source]

These keys navigate to specific information panels.

Key Icon Function
F1 Politics Politics panel
F2 Budget Budget panel
F3 Buildings Buildings panel
F4 Market Market panel
F5 Military Military panel
F6 Diplomacy Diplomacy panel
F7 Technology Technology panel
F8 Culture Cultures panel
F9 Population Population panel
F10 Journal Journal
Q Map list Map list
⇧Shift+F1 Outliner Outliner

Lens keys[edit | edit source]

These keys control the various map lenses.

Key Icon Function
Alt+1 Production lens Production lens
Alt+2 Political lens Political lens
Alt+3 Diplomatic lens Diplomatic lens
Alt+4 Military lens Military lens
Alt+5 Trade lens Trade lens

Other HUD controls[edit | edit source]

These keys open other specific elements of the HUD.

Key Function
F Open location finder
B Open Construction Queue
E Open Current Situation
F12 Open decisions tab (in journal)
🏠 Home Center on capital province

Tab/Window Navigation[edit | edit source]

These keys control navigation through the open tab or event window

Key Function
⇧Shift+1 Open tab 1
⇧Shift+2 Open tab 2
⇧Shift+3 Open tab 3
⇧Shift+4 Open tab 4
⇧Shift+5 Open tab 5
⎋Esc Close current window
Mouse button 4 Back

Game Controls[edit | edit source]

These keys control various other game settings

Key Function
␣ Space Pause control
+ or NumPad + Increase speed
- or NumPad - Decrease speed
15 Set game speed 1—5
F11 Take screenshot
⇧Shift+F11 Take map screenshot
Scroll the map view
⇆Tab See map overview

References[edit | edit source]