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West Galicia

Government Type:
Law presidential republic.png Presidential Republic

Primary Cultures:

State Religion:
Religion catholic.png Catholic

Country Tier:

Country Type:

"The legacy of the Polish people rests heavily on the shoulders of the Free State of Krakow, distrusted by its constituting powers and occupied by Austria. Can a new Polish state rise from the ashes once again?"

Krakow is an Insignificant power.png insignificant power in eastern Europe. It starts as a Diplomacy puppet.png puppet of Flag of Austria Austria. It sits on the border between Austria, Flag of Prussia Prussia, and Flag of Russia Russia.

Krakow is able to form both Flag of Poland Poland and Flag of Poland-Lithuania Poland-Lithuania.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Trucial States starts with all era 1 technologies researched as well as Invention dialectics.png Dialectics.

Event industry.png Production technology Event military.png Military technology Event portrait.png Society technology
  • Invention prospecting tech.png Prospecting
  • Invention steelworking.png Steelworking
  • Invention distillation.png Distillation
  • Invention lathe.png Lathe
  • Invention drydock.png Drydocks
  • Invention paddle steamer.png Paddle Steamer
  • Invention army reserves.png Army Reserves
  • Invention napoleonic warfare.png Napoleonic Warfare
  • Invention law enforcement.png Law Enforcement
  • Invention stock exchanges.png Stock Exchange
  • Invention banking.png Banking
  • Invention colonization.png Colonization
  • Invention mass communication.png Mass Communication
  • Invention medical degrees.png Medical Degrees
  • Invention romanticism.png Romanticism
  • Invention dialectics.png Dialectics

Politics[edit | edit source]

Starting Laws
Power Structure Economy Human Rights
Governance Principles Law presidential republic.png Presidential Republic Economic System Law laissez faire.png Laissez-Faire Free Speech Law censorship.png Censorship
Distribution of Power Law wealth voting.png Wealth Voting Trade Policy Law free trade.png Free Trade Labor Rights Law no workers rights.png No Workers' Rights
Citizenship Law national supremacy.png National Supremacy Taxation Law land based taxation.png Land-Based Taxation Children's Rights Law child labor allowed.png Child Labor Allowed
Church and State Law total separation.png Total Separation Land Reform Law tenant farmers.png Tenant Farmers Rights of Women Law no womens rights.png Legal Guardianship
Bureaucracy Law appointed bureaucrats.png Appointed Bureaucrats Colonization Law no colonial affairs.png No Colonial Affairs Welfare Law no social security.png No Social Security
Army Model Law professional army.png Professional Army Policing Law local police force.png Local Police Force Migration Law migration controls.png Migration Controls
Internal Security Law no home affairs.png No Home Affairs Education System Law private schools.png Private Schools Slavery Law slavery banned.png Slavery Banned
Health System Law no health system.png No Health System
Starting Institutions
Institution Level
Institution schools.png Education 3
Institution police.png Law Enforcement 1

Interest groups[edit | edit source]

Krakow begins with the IG landowners.png Landowners Political in government.png in government leading the Party conservatism.png Conservative Party. The IG armed forces.png Armed Forces and IG devout.png Catholic Church typically join them, and the IG petty bourgeoisie.png Petite Bourgeoisie may join them, too. Political in opposition.png In opposition, the IG intelligensia.png Intelligentsia lead the Party liberal.png Liberal Party, and the IG rural folk.png Rural Folk lead the Party agrarians.png People's Party; any interest groups not affiliated with a party are also in opposition.

The IG industrialists.png Industrialists and IG trade unions.png Trade unions are Political marginalized.png marginalized.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Krakow is a Diplomacy puppet.png puppet of Flag of Austria Austria.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Starting Statistics
Statistic Starting value
Gdp.png GDP Hud money.png 134K
Population.png Population 224K
Literacy.png Literacy 37.2%
SOL.png Standard of Living SOL impoverished.png Impoverished (10.1)

States[edit | edit source]

Name Type Homelands Arable land.png Arable Land Resources State Traits
Size Uses Goods wood.png Goods coal.png Goods iron.png Goods oil.png
West Galicia State status capital.png
State status split state.png
Polish 120
  • Building rye farm.png Rye Farm
  • Building cattle ranch.png Livestock Ranch
17 140 33 (30)

Industry and resources[edit | edit source]


Krakow starts with only two Building textile industry.png Textile Mills and no other industry.


Krakow has access to Goods iron.png Iron and Goods coal.png Coal, and eventually a large amount of Goods oil.png Oil, but no other resources.

Military[edit | edit source]

Krakow has the Law professional army.png Professional Army law.

Krakow starts with no Military battalions.png battalions or Military flotillas.png flotillas.

Strategies and guides[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Krakow. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

Starting Situation[edit | edit source]

Krakow is a meme nation for all intents and purposes. It is advisable for an Austrian player to annex Krakow immediately. Krakow is too small and weak to be capable of independent action, and the fact that it is a puppet (as opposed to a Protectorate or Dominion) handicaps it both diplomatically and economically.

On a more positive note, Krakow's starting laws are relatively good by the standards of game start, and the player will not as much effort to bring its laws to a competitive state.

Grand Strategy[edit | edit source]

Krakow's most sensible objectives at game start are to break away from Austria, and eventually to form either Poland or Poland-Lithuania. It is possible to form Poland-Lithuania after forming Poland.

The player will almost certainly need help from a third party (usually Prussia or Russia) to secure independence from Austria. After that, the player will have to choose which of the two to go after. Russia's land is usually easier to grab, but Prussia's lands are usually better developed. Either way, the player will need lands from both in order to form either Poland or Poland-Lithuania.

Once the lands are grabbed up, the player is still in a vulnerable situation, sandwiched between three hostile nations that usually become rather powerful.

Internal Politics[edit | edit source]

Given how Krakow's internal political situation at game start is relatively good, there isn't that much to do (comparatively speaking). Passing desirable laws will often be more limited by tech instead of support or revolution, so long as the player isn't doing anything too ambitious.

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

The player will almost certainly have poor relations with Austria, Prussia (or the North German Federation, or Germany), and Russia for the entirety of the game. Rivaling them probably will not change much. A good idea would be to find allies as soon as possible, once independence is achieved. Good candidates for alliances are France or the United Kingdom. Alongside that, the best way to weaken the player's neighbors is to force them to release nations if they attack you.

Potential[edit | edit source]

Krakow is very small, and one of the perks of being a very small country in Victoria 3 is that it is very easy to rapidly boost a country's Standard of living very quickly. This high standard of living can be used to pull in immigrants, strengthening the player and weakening other nations over time. However, this boom can bust if the player does not expand. When the population gets too rich, this will causing their goods to be uncompetitive and the market to collapse.

After either Poland or Poland-Lithuania is formed, the player will be a European major in their own right, but won't have the navy to assert themselves abroad.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Krakow is both very weak and very isolated at the start of the game. This weakness and isolation makes Krakow have few options at the start to break free from Austria and do so in a fashion that sets it up for success. Krakow is not irrelevant, but isn't particularly relevant either.

References[edit | edit source]

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Notes: This table lists playable countries divided by superregion and region. Starting countries are listed by the region of their capital state, with formable and releasable countries not present at the start listed separately by superregion. Decentralized (non-playable) and special cases are listed separately.