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Legitimacy is the measure of the balance of power of Interest groups that compose the Government. The higher the legitimacy, the faster a cycle of laws enactment goes. Legitimacy in itself does not increase the likelihood of a law to pass.

Legitimacy also affects the opinions of Interest groups; low legitimacy will bring about decreased opinion. Depending on how big the government can be, having more or less interest groups or Political parties will affect the base legitimacy on which modifiers will increase or reduce that value.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Depending on which distribution of power law is enacted, more or less base legitimacy is available.

Depending on the income tax level, the government might receive a benefit of +5/+10 legitimacy if taxes are below average, or a penalty of -5/-10 if taxes are above average.

Having a surplus of Authority also speeds up the speed of a cycle of law enactment up to 25%.

Random Events can also temporarily add modifiers that affect legitimacy.

Patch 1.1 Rework[edit | edit source]

In patch 1.1, legitimacy was overhauled and its mechanics change. Legitimacy was split into 5 levels, all changing several modifiers to do with radicals/loyalists, and interest group opposition.

Legitimacy Level Value Laws Opposition




Standard of Living Changes Additional Radicals

Per Month

Additional Loyalists

Per Month

Minimum Maximum Can




Radicals from


Loyalists from


At Min


At Max


At Min


At Max


Illegitimate 0 25 No -3 +50% +3.0% +1.5%
Unacceptable 25 50 Yes -2 +25% +1.5% +0.0%
Contested 50 75 Yes -1
Legitimate 75 90 Yes +25% +0.14% +2.24%
Righteous 90 100 Yes -50% +25% +3.0% +5.0%

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • A "constitutional monarchy" (Monarchy with Census or Universal Suffrage) may have low legitimacy if the party which the monarch belongs to is incompatible with most of the other political parties in existence. If such a situation occurs (especially towards the end of the game where all possible parties have come into existence due to tech advances), consider abolishing the monarchy.