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Flag MEX.png

Government Type:
Law presidential republic.png Presidential Republic

Primary Cultures:

State Religion:
Religion catholic.png Catholic

Country Tier:

Country Type:

Mexico is an Minor power.png minor power in North America. It neighbors the Flag of America USA, the British crown colony Flag of Oregon British Columbia and Flag of Texas Texas as well as several decentralized Native American nations to the north and Flag of Central America USCA and Flag of Great Britain British Belize to the south. At the beginning of the game, Mexico starts at war with Texas who has declared independence.

Mexico starts with a population of 6.95 million, 56.5% (3.93 mil) of which are Mexican. The rest are various Native Americans cultures, the most prominent being Maya, Zapotec, O'odham and Tarasca.

Historical background[edit | edit source]

Mexico declared independence from Flag of Spain Spain in 1821, 15 years before the start of the game. The newly founded country immidiately found it self in turmoil, and did not have actual control over all the territory it claimed. On the 2. of October 1835 Texas declared independence and thus started the war that plagues Mexico at the beginning of the game.

Events[edit | edit source]

Journal and decisions[edit | edit source]

Technology[edit | edit source]

Mexico starts with most era 1 technologies.

Event industry.png Production technology Event military.png Military technology Event portrait.png Society technology
  • Invention prospecting tech.png Prospecting
  • Invention steelworking.png Steelworking
  • Invention distillation.png Distillation
  • Invention cotton gin.png Cotton Gin
  • Invention drydock.png Drydocks
  • Invention admiralty.png Admiralty
  • Invention army reserves.png Army Reserves
  • Invention artillery.png Artillery
  • Invention law enforcement.png Law Enforcement
  • Invention currency standards.png Currency Standards
  • Invention colonization.png Colonization
  • Invention democracy.png Democracy
  • Invention medical degrees.png Medical Degrees
  • Invention romanticism.png Romanticism

Politics[edit | edit source]

Mexico's intial government form is a Junta; a presidential republic but with the Oligarchy distribution of power. The IG armed forces.png Armed Forces and IG landowners.png Landowners are Political in government.png in government, with President and General Migual Barragan leading the Armed Forces. Mexico starts with the Institution colonization.png Colonial Affairs institution at level 1.

Starting Laws
Power Structure Economy Human Rights
Governance Principles Law presidential republic.png Presidential Republic Economic System Law agrarianism.png Agrarianism Free Speech Law censorship.png Censorship
Distribution of Power Law oligarchy.png Oligarchy Trade Policy Law mercantilism.png Mercantilism Labor Rights Law serfdom banned.png Serfdom Abolished
Citizenship Law cultural exclusion.png Cultural Exclusion Taxation Law land based taxation.png Land-Based Taxation Children's Rights Law child labor allowed.png Child Labor Allowed
Church and State Law total separation.png Total Separation Colonization Law colonial resettlement.png Colonial Resettlement Rights of Women Law no womens rights.png Legal Guardianship
Bureaucracy Law appointed bureaucrats.png Appointed Bureaucrats Policing Law no police.png No Police Welfare Law no social security.png No Social Security
Army Model Law professional army.png Professional Army Education System Law no schools.png No Schools Migration Law migration controls.png Migration Controls
Internal Security Law no home affairs.png No Home Affairs Health System Law no health system.png No Health System Slavery Law slavery banned.png Slavery Banned
Starting Institutions
Institution Level
Institution colonization.png Colonial Affairs 1

Interest groups[edit | edit source]

Texas begins with the IG armed forces.png Armed Forces and IG landowners.png Landowners Political in government.png in government. The IG petty bourgeoisie.png Petite bourgeoisie, IG rural folk.png Rural Folk, IG intelligensia.png Intelligentsia and, IG devout.png Catholic Church are Political in opposition.png in opposition. The IG industrialists.png Industrialists and IG trade unions.png Trade Unions are marginalized.

Historical characters[edit | edit source]

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Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Mexico begins at war with Flag of Texas Texas. Winning the war will annex Texas, while losing will remove Mexican claims on Texas. Mexico has poor relations with Flag of Spain Spain and cold relations with Flag of USA USA. Spain will however often be conciliatory.

Mexico starts with ongoing colonization of several Native American decentralized nations.

The Mexican states give automatic interests in the Pacific Coast, Mexico, Dixie and Central America. Mexico have one possible interest, which it uses to maintain an interest in the Great Plains strategic region. The interest is needed to maintain its starting colonization effort.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Mexico has a meager economy, at least compared to its size. Mexico produces mainly agricultural products, but there is a few clothing, furniture and food industries centralised in the two most populated provinces, Jalisco and Mexico. In many states, there are a vast collection of agricultural buildings available including dye, maize, cotton, fruit, coffee and tobacco.

There are almost no mines, but Mexico has access to building iron, coal, sulphur and lead mines in many states.

In the state of Bajío, There are three gold mines, with the immidiate potential of building a fourth. During the game many Mexican states will have gold and/or oil discovered over the course of the game.

States[edit | edit source]

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Many Mexican states, including the two most populous states Jalisco and Mexico has the 'Sierra Madre Occidental' or the 'Central American Cordirellas' state trait. They both decrease infrastructure and state construction efficiency by 10%. Nevada has 'The Great Basin Desert' state trait which limits infrastructure, state construction efficiency and agriculture output by a whopping 25%. The only positive state trait is in California, which has three state traits:

  1. 'Northern California Coastal Forests' limiting state construction efficiency by 10%, but gives a 20% logging industry throughput
  2. 'Central Valley' giving a 20% farming throughput
  3. 'Sierra Nevada' giving 10% less infrastructure.

Military[edit | edit source]

Mexico has the Law professional army.png Professional Army law.

Mexico begins with 10 regular battalions and 17 conscript battalions available; all battalions use the same set of production methods: Method line infantry.png Line Infantry, Method cannon artillery.png Cannon Artillery, Method cavalry.png Cavalry Scouts, Method no specialists.png Standardized Infantry, and Method wound dressing.png Wound Dressing. 8 battalions is placed in the Mexico HQ led by Antonió Lopez de Santa Anna (Ambitious, Explorer), while 2 battalions are placed in the Central America HQ led by Juan Alvaréz (brave, direct, Brave).

Mexico starts with no flotillas.

Strategies and guides[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Mexico. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

The war with Texas[edit | edit source]

On paper the war with Texas should be easily winnable. Texas has a meager 2 battalions with 4 conscript battalions potentially raised. The issue is that an event can see the General and Politician Antonió Lopez de Santa Anna captured by Texan troops, as it happened in real life, if a battle involving him is lost. This will more or less mean losing the war automatically. One does not have to make haste, but instead should make sure to stabilize the country and prepare properly. One way to make sure to avoid the event is to build up the army in Central America and only use Juan Alvaréz. This is however a slow method. One can instead use Juan Alvaréz to hold off the Texan forces, while conscripts mobilises for Santa Anna.

First production[edit | edit source]

Mexico starts with only 7 construction produced weekly, an amount which is woefully inadequate for a country of Mexico's size. In Bajío it is possible to build a gold mine, an obvious choice for a first building. Alternatively, Mexico starts with a shortage of tools, which should be addressed shortly, either by building a tooling workshop or via trade.

Soon, wood, iron, paper and weapons should also be addressed to lessen the government expenses and facilitate more construction.

United States of Central America[edit | edit source]

To the south of Mexico is Flag of Central America United States of Central America (USCA). Like they did historically, it is very likely that they will soon fall apart into Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. They provide an obvious choice of conquest, but it is in general advised to wait until they fall apart. If you as an example choose to puppet USCA itself, they might then disintegrate during the diplomatic play, which can leave you with nothing. When it comes to war, either before or after disintegration, they will pose no issues. The only potential problem would be either UK or USA intervening.

Further targets[edit | edit source]

After USCA is fully annexed, Flag of Colombia Colombian Panama is next on the list. Alternatively East Asia or Flag of Haiti Haiti can be attacked. They do however require that Mexico invests in a functional military Navy. military An investment that might not be worth it early in the game.

The full potential of Mexico[edit | edit source]

Mexico has a large potential. Very large. The country is huge, it starts with a sizeable population which can potentially grow to dizzying heights with immigration. There are many resources and lots of arable land. Soon many provinces will produce large amounts of gold, and more or less every industrial resource is available. Becoming the hegemon in North America is not out of the question. And becoming the hegemon in North America means becoming the Hegemon in the world.

But that is very far away.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Manifest Mexico icon
Manifest Mexico
Starting as Mexico, own the Pacific Coast & Great Plains, and have a higher Power Rank than the USA

References[edit | edit source]

Countries by Region

Notes: This table lists playable countries divided by superregion and region. Starting countries are listed by the region of their capital state, with formable and releasable countries not present at the start listed separately by superregion. Decentralized (non-playable) and special cases are listed separately.