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An overview of the beginning of the production tech tree.

Military technologies improve the army and navy. These consist of a mix of new weapon technologies, doctrines, and ways of organizing the servicemen and officers. Some techs will establish a more reliable supply of manpower and causes fewer provinces to be lost when territory must be yielded to the enemy. The naval part of the tree is mostly dedicated to the invention of new ship types, but also includes a few new naval strategies that unlock or improve the effectiveness of certain naval orders as well as upgrades to civilian ports to improve the country's supply network and trade capacity.

Military tech list[edit | edit source]

Name Era Prerequisites Modifiers Unlocks
Admiralty icon
The Admiralty is a complex system of ranks connected by a rigid chain of command to help the navy work more efficiently.
  • +20 Naval Base Max Level
Army Reserves icon
Army Reserves
Army Reserves is the concept that a set of semi professional soldiers made up of citizens could work as a support for the regular army.
  • +20% Conscriptable Battalions
Artillery icon
Long-range bombardment with heavy munitions intimidates and scatters enemy forces without risking your own troops. Inaccurate, slow-moving, and expensive, yet a crucial ingredient in any modern army.
Drydocks icon
Creating enclosed areas where ships can be docked on dry land allows for easier and more thorough maintenance of cargo vessels and warships alike.
  • +1 Port Max Level
Gunsmithing icon
Gunsmithing allows the creation of explosive powered weaponry, making the relevance of physical strength much less important.
Line Infantry icon
Line Infantry
Soldiers equipped with standardized gear and trained with standardized methods give a greater uniformity to an army, and in that way give it a greater reliability.
Mandatory Service icon
Mandatory Service
Volunteers and mercenaries might not meet all the manpower demands of a modern military force. Sometimes, the nation simply must demand service from all its citizens.
  • +20% Conscriptable Battalions
Military Drill icon
Military Drill
As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect," and this is as true for soldiers as it is for musicians. There is no army more prized by generals than an army that can react to all commands instantly and without confusion.
Napoleonic Warfare icon
Napoleonic Warfare
Napoleon revolutionized warfare, emphasizing the importance of properly utilizing artillery.
Navigation icon
Through various different methods, from stars, to maps, to a compass it is possible to correctly chart a course across the world.
  • +3 Port Max Level
Paddle Steamer icon
Paddle Steamer
The paddle steamer is a steam powered watercraft, where the steam is used to turn paddles that pushes the ship through the water.
Standing Army icon
Standing Army
The complex challenges of foreign policy and domestic unrest can no longer be dealt with by hastily-mustered militias. Modern times require a military ready at all times to act.
Field Works icon
Field Works
Field works is modifying the terrain where the battle is held thus giving soldiers greater protection.
General Staff icon
General Staff
Having a set of officers to act as a conduit between the high command and the troops themselves, allows for greater communication and effectiveness.
Hydraulic Cranes icon
Hydraulic Cranes
Cranes powered by water pressure are vastly stronger than earlier stationary cranes. Their strength and efficiency can greatly increase the flow of goods in and out of commercial ports.
  • +1 Port Max Level
Logistics icon
The greatest guns in the world don't matter in the slighest if the soldiers equipped with them are too exhausted and hungry to aim, or if the guns themselves have no bullets chambered in them.
  • +20% Conscriptable Battalions
Percussion Cap icon
Percussion Cap
The percussion cap is a single use device which allows firearms to operate reliably in all types of weather.
Power of the Purse icon
Power of the Purse
Power of the Purse gives the ability to make purchases to the captains, allowing for a much more autonomous and effective fleet.
  • +10 Naval Base Max Level
Rifling icon
Rifling is the discovery that by etching spiral grooves into the barrel of a gun it is possible to impart spin on the projectile thus increasing accuracy.
Screw Frigate icon
Screw Frigate
The Screw Frigate is the application of screw propeller technology to create faster ships.
Shell Gun icon
Shell Gun
The Shell Gun is a remarkable piece of artillery due to the nature of its ammunition. The projectiles themselves are explosive leading to more damage than a simple chunk of metal would.
Triage icon
By treating the wounded in regard to the seriousness of their wounds and the likelihood of recovery, it is possible to make a much more effective, emergency care system.
Breech-Loading Artillery icon
Breech-Loading Artillery
By changing the design to load the shells from a port in the artillery, rather than down the barrel it is possible to make a much more efficient weapons.
Electric Telegraph icon
Electric Telegraph
Through the use of simple electric pulses, messages can be rapidly transmitted through codes across vast distances. Officers in a stuffy office can send commands to armies on the far side of the world instantaneously. What hath God wrought?
Enlistment Offices icon
Enlistment Offices
Offices built to attract recruits help immensely with bolstering the nation's military manpower.
  • +20% Conscriptable Battalions
Floating Harbor icon
Floating Harbor
By keeping a dock at a constant level along a tidal waterway, ships can more quickly dock and transfer goods without having to consider relative changes between the waterway level and docks.
  • +1 Port Max Level
Gantry Cranes icon
Gantry Cranes
Useful in construction and transportation, gantry cranes are large enough to straddle the width of a ship. This gives them a sturdiness that means they can lift the heaviest loads a ship can possibly carry.
  • +1 Port Max Level
Handcranked Machine Gun icon
Handcranked Machine Gun
By using a mechanical crank to rotate the barrel it is possible to fire bullets at a much faster rate than a standard firearm.
Ironclad icon
By cladding a ship in iron plating it is possible to make it much more durable and resistant to incendiary ammunition.
Jeune École icon
Jeune École
By having many smaller ships rather than a few big ones, it is possible to keep a certain level of maneuverability that would otherwise be impossible.
  • +10 Naval Base Max Level
Military Statistics icon
Military Statistics
A good general knows not just where every bullet was fired, but where that bullet was supplied from and how many bullets are left.
Modern Nursing icon
Modern Nursing
By using techniques such as hand washing and bedside care, nurses are able to reduce the amount of fatalities by a considerable amount.
Monitor icon
By making a smaller warship better suited for shallow water and slapping massive guns on it, it is possible to make an effective naval weapon.
Repeaters icon
The Repeater allows the firing of several cartridges in between reloading, which in turn leads to a greater rate of fire.
Self-Propelled Torpedoes icon
Self-Propelled Torpedoes
Traditional "torpedoes" include basic naval mines and explosives attached to submerged spars sticking out from small ships. Modern torpedoes vastly improve on both these explosives by being able to move, unlike a mine, and to do so under its own power, unlike a spar torpedo.
Automatic Machine Guns icon
Automatic Machine Guns
The machine gun takes the concept of the handcranked machine gun and cranks it up a notch, replacing the human rotation with an automated system to allow for more bullets to be fired even faster.
Bolt-Action Rifle icon
Bolt-Action Rifle
A bolt action rifle works by having a bolt which is manually manipulated to put the cartridge in or out of the rife, which allows for a more reliable and powerful weapon.
Concrete Dockyards icon
Concrete Dockyards
Sturdy and cheap, concrete allows for the construction of far larger piers that are able to support far heavier freight loads.
  • +1 Port Max Level
Defense in Depth icon
Defense in Depth
By making multiple lines of defense, it is possible to spread out and slow down the enemy and sometimes even envelop them.
Destroyer icon
Lighter vessels, equipped with torpedoes and smaller guns, are just as important in modern navies as capital ships.
Dreadnought icon
By making a warship with only heavy caliber guns and steam propulsion, it is possible to overpower all other types of ship.
Landing Craft icon
Landing Craft
Vessels designed specifically for protecting waterborne troops greatly improve the chances of an amphibious assault actually succeeding.
  • Ignore Difficult Landing Penalty: yes
Sea Lane Strategies icon
Sea Lane Strategies
By focusing naval power on controlling the sea lanes, naval dominance is much easier to achieve.
  • +10 Naval Base Max Level
Submarine icon
Submarines take the concept of a boat and submerge it, leading to greater stealth and thus tactical capability.
Trench Works icon
Trench Works
By equipping soldiers with the correct tools, it is possible for them to create strong fortifications with little effort.
War Propaganda icon
War Propaganda
Convincing a population to commit its time, its resources, and its blood, all for the sake of victory, is a whole field of work on its own.
  • +20% Conscriptable Battalions
Wargaming icon
By mocking up imaginary warfare scenarios and practicing strategy, it is possible to improve officers combat abilities.
Aircraft Carrier icon
Aircraft Carrier
By designing large ships with a large flat deck and equipping them appropriately, it is possible to create a sea borne airfield.
Battleship icon
By taking the dreadnought design and making all the guns high caliber, as well as some other changes, it is possible to make an even more devastating warship.
Chemical Warfare icon
Chemical Warfare
Certain chemical combinations produce adverse or even fatal effects when humans are exposed to them. Weaponizing this brings a whole new horrific aspect to warfare.
Concrete Fortifications icon
Concrete Fortifications
By introducing concrete into fortifications it is possible to make strong entrenched positions very quickly.
Flamethrowers icon
A great way to drive entrenched soldiers out of their defensive positions is to light a fire under them.
Military Aviation icon
Military Aviation
By combining conventional aviation with military technology, it is possible to create aircraft that can fulfill a variety of military roles.
Mobile Armor icon
Mobile Armor
By equipping a motorized vehicle with metal plating, it is possible to create an advanced weaponry platform.
Modern Battlefleet Tactics icon
Modern Battlefleet Tactics
Operating a large battlefleet can be a difficult task. By practicing and learning specific tactics as a fleet, greater performance can be achieved.
  • +10 Naval Base Max Level
NCO Training icon
NCO Training
It's as important to maintain a trained body of lower-ranking officers familiar with their craft as it is to maintain academy-trained captains and generals.
Stormtroopers icon
Having troops trained and equipped specifically for infiltration allows greater success when assaulting more embedded positions.

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