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Decrees are effects that can be applied to individual states to improve them in many ways. Decrees cost a base of Hud authority.png 100 authority each to be applied. The character traits Trait ambitious.png Ambitious, Trait imperious.png Imperious, and Trait cruel.png Cruel each reduce the cost of decrees by −25% when the character is the country's Role ruler.png ruler. Certain events can also reduce the cost. Multiple decrees can be used simultaneously on the same state, with the exception of encouraging certain industries which are mutually exclusive. Nearly all decrees require certain technologies to have been researched in order to be used. Decrees can be applied either by right-clicking on a province or through the political lens.

List of decrees[edit | edit source]

Name Required technology Conditions Modifiers
Emergency Relief icon
Emergency Relief
Promote charitable support and care for the state's most unfortunate
Invention centralization.png Centralization
  • +50.0% Welfare Payments

Note: Additive with Institution social security.png Social Security

Encourage Agricultural Industry icon
Encourage Agricultural Industry
Increase Agricultural and Plantation sector throughput
Invention enclosure.png Enclosure
  • State does not have another Encourage __ Industry decree

Note: Does not affect subsistance buildings
Encourage Manufacturing Industry icon
Encourage Manufacturing Industry
Increase Manufacturing and Service sector throughput
Invention manufacturies.png Manufacturies
  • State does not have another Encourage __ Industry decree
Encourage Resource Industry icon
Encourage Resource Industry
Increase Resource sector throughput
Invention shaft mining.png Shaft Mining
  • State does not have another Encourage __ Industry decree
Enlistment Efforts icon
Enlistment Efforts
Incentivizing recruitment and training of local troops through financial incentives and preferential treatment
Invention mandatory service.png Mandatory Service
  • +5% Conscription Rate
  • +25.0% Training Rate
Greener Grass Campaign icon
Greener Grass Campaign
Promote the state as a desirable place to migrate to
Invention romanticism.png Romanticism
  • State is not isolated

Note: Has no effect if Law closed borders.png Closed Borders is enacted
Promote National Values icon
Promote National Values
Increase cultural assimilation and religious conversion rates
Invention centralization.png Centralization
  • State has any assimilating or converting pops
Promote Social Mobility icon
Promote Social Mobility
Encourage the population to strive for higher job qualifications
Road Maintenance icon
Road Maintenance
Expand and maintain road networks
Invention centralization.png Centralization
  • +1 Infrastructure per population
  • +20 Maximum infrastructure per population
  • +10.0% State Construction Efficiency
Violent Suppression icon
Violent Suppression
Use the nation's national guard to control the angry mobs
Invention standing army.png Standing Army
  • −50% State Penalties from Turmoil
  • +2% Mortality per Turmoil

Strategic considerations[edit | edit source]

Decrees can be a powerful tool, especially for countries with fewer states to punch above their weight. As an example, Flag of Belgium Belgium can enact three or four decrees in each of its two starting states at the game start. In general, the amount of authority available tends to decrease over the course of the game due to liberalisation. Apart from decrees, the other primary use of authority is to raise consumption taxes.

When considering to enact a decree there are two important factors:

  • The value of the decree compared to introducing an additional consumption tax
  • The value of the decree compared to liberalising further

Decrees are more powerful when the country has around five or fewer states, while consumption taxes are better in larger countries.

Road maintenance and construction[edit | edit source]

The Road Maintenance decree is not efficient to maintain State status infrastructure.png infrastructure outside of emergencies; railroads and harbors should be built instead as the long term solution. However, using the decree to boost construction can be quite effective; particularly early in the game, when countries do not have a much construction available and thus are constructing in only one or two states at any given time.