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An overview of the beginning of the production tech tree.

Society technologies are all about new ideas for organizing society. These include ideas pertaining to politics, finance, and diplomacy to name a few. Several political ideas in this tree also unlocks specific ideologies which may appear from that point on alongside new interest group leaders and shake up the political landscape. Just as techs in the production tree often unlock production methods, society techs often unlock laws or ideologies that can lend support for laws previously thought utterly absurd by the political establishment.

Additionally, society technologies include improvements to your country's financial system, such as central banking which increases the capacity for minting new currency and unlocks the diplomatic actions to bankroll a country or take on their debt, as well as new forms of institutions like "central archives" that unlock the secret police law/institution and leads to Identification Documents.

Society tech list[edit | edit source]

Name Era Prerequisites Modifiers Unlocks
Academia icon
Institutions of higher education don't just improve individual minds, but bring the nation's best and brightest together, where they can create extraordinary things.
Banking icon
A vast financial instutution, the bank provides security for public and private interests, and can become the centerpiece of a vast monetary network of investments, loans, and opportunities.
  • +10.0% Minting
  • −2% Loan interest rate
Bureaucracy icon
Bureaucracy is the machine of government, the cogs and wheels that decide the efficiency of the state.
Centralization icon
By centralizing administrative tasks within a logical hierarchy, standards of government operation can be developed that put achievements previously thought impossible within reach.
  • +25 Taxation Capacity
  • +1 Max Home Affairs Institution Investment
Colonization icon
As a population grows, it becomes possible to go elsewhere and find new mainly unclaimed land for the taking.
Currency Standards icon
Currency Standards
By establishing a standardized currency the population can be taxed in a uniform fashion, collecting tax via currency rather than labor or goods.
Democracy icon
Democracy is at its heart the idea that the population of a country get to choose how their country is run, through voting or other means.
Empiricism icon
An epistemological philosophy deriving knowledge from empirical evidence, information gathered from experiences rather than cultural norms or religious beliefs.
International Relations icon
International Relations
Formalizing diplomacy provides a firm framework for both improved cordiality and hostility with other nations.
International Trade icon
International Trade
The ability to trade not just within your country, or even within your continent, but across the entire world has revolutionized the global economy.
Law Enforcement icon
Law Enforcement
A professional force trained to a set standard permits the state to police its populace with increased authority.
Mass Communication icon
Mass Communication
Mass Communication is the easy spread of information utilizing technologies such as the newspaper.
Medical Degrees icon
Medical Degrees
Public health is greatly improved when those given responsibility for it are trained and certified in their fields.
Rationalism icon
Rationalism is the philosophical doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience.
Romanticism icon
An art movement celebrating the emotional and imaginary, in contrast to the proper and rational. Depictions of nature, history and dramatic, emotionally powerful scenes are common.
  • +5.0% Prestige
Stock Exchange icon
Stock Exchange
An organized market where stocks and bonds can be bought and sold, the stock exchange is a central element of the modern market economy.
  • −25.0% Trade Route Hud bureaucracy.png Bureaucracy Cost
  • +25% Trade Route Competitiveness
Urban Planning icon
Urban Planning
By planning out cities before they are built, rather than letting them develop naturally, it is possible to create a much more efficient living area.
  • +0.05 Infrastructure from Population
  • +10.00 Maximum Infrastructure from Population
  • +5 Construction Sector Max Level
Urbanization icon
As more and more people move from living in the countryside to living in the cities, their very way of life is bound to change too.
  • +0.20 Infrastructure from Population
  • +40.00 Maximum Infrastructure from Population
  • +10 Construction Sector Max Level
Central Archives icon
Central Archives
A modern state requires good record-keeping, and good record-keeping requires thorough paperwork. If you wish to learn more, please fill form ML-4.11866 in triplicate and expect a reponse in 2-5 working days.
  • +25 Taxation Capacity
  • +1 Max Home Affairs Institution Investment
Central Banking icon
Central Banking
Harnessing and centralizing the banks brings an immense amount of power into the hands of the government.
  • +10.0% Minting
  • −2% Loan interest rate
Dialectics icon
Applying philosophical concepts to material conditions produces may create novel concepts, and perhaps new political ideas.
Egalitarianism icon
Egalitarianism is the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political, economic and social equality.
Labor Movement icon
Labor Movement
Just as the world becomes more industrialized, so too do the workers become more organized, campaigning for better wages and better working conditions.
Modern Sewerage icon
Modern Sewerage
Modern Sewerage is the creation of specific tunnels and pipes to remove refuse from a city, leading to a better standard of living.
  • +0.05 Infrastructure from Population
  • +10.00 Maximum Infrastructure from Population
  • +5 Construction Sector Max Level
Nationalism icon
Who am I? It is a key question that runs to the hearts of the identity of a person. In times past people have said they are from a province, a town or even a family as an expression of that identity. A new ideas have developed that transcends these notions and instead see identity as something that is shared amongst the nation. What is more, the nation should be united into a single country.
Organized Sports icon
Organized Sports
Sports aren't just for those playing them. They're a show, an expression of community, a place where a crowd can feel like they belong. The spectable of sports matters just as much as the feats committed on the field.
  • +10.0% Prestige
Pharmaceuticals icon
The discovery of Pharmaceuticals allows for medicine to jump ahead as they can be prescribed for all types of ailments.
Postal Savings icon
Postal Savings
A valuable method for people to save money even if they do not have access to a bank, postal savings promote both the storage and flow of money among even the poorest of citizens.
  • +20.0% Maximum Cash Reserves
Psychiatry icon
The idea that mental disorders can be approached medically, and by being approached medically can be diagnosed and treated, is a new concept that opens up new worlds for the betterment of people.
Quinine icon
Isolation of quinine allows it to be used as a most effective medicine against the harsh effects of malaria.
Realism icon
An artistic movement seeking to portray reality accurately, avoiding romanticizing or exaggerating the subject. It often focuses on contemporary everyday life of people of varying class and profession.
  • +5.0% Prestige
Anarchism icon
A political ideology promoting self-governance and opposition to authority. Anarchism seeks to do away with the state and other institutions which rule over people against their will, replacing them with voluntary associations.
Camera icon
Through a complex chemical process it is possible to capture reality itself in a single moment. An instant painting.
  • +5.0% Prestige
Civilizing Mission icon
Civilizing Mission
It falls on our great nation's shoulders to shine the light of modernity into every uncivilized corner of the world, to educate and instil in the less developed peoples the divine values of our glorious culture.
Feminism icon
Feminism is an ideology concerned with advancing social, economic, and political equality for women. Feminists believe that women should have the same legal rights as men to own property, work, and participate in politics.
Human Rights icon
Human Rights
Embracing the idea of universal, inalienable rights for all people invites new concepts into the nation's social and political venues.
Identification Documents icon
Identification Documents
By creating documents identifying citizens of a country, it is much easier to keep track of them.
  • +25 Taxation Capacity
  • +1 Max Home Affairs Institution Investment
Mutual Funds icon
Mutual Funds
A sort of pooled investment funds, the mutual fund helps combine the individual wealth of investors into massive pools of money that can flex immense financial strength to acquire securities and other costly financial instruments.
  • +10.0% Minting
  • −2% Loan interest rate
  • Publicly Traded Publicly Traded for
    • Arms Industries
    • Banana Plantations
    • Chemical Plants
    • Coal Mines
    • Coffee Plantations
    • Cotton Plantations
    • Dye Plantations
    • Electrics Industries
    • Fishing Wharves
    • Food Industries
    • Furniture Manufacturies
    • Glassworks
    • Gold Mines
    • Iron Mines
    • Lead Mines
    • Livestock Ranches
    • Logging Camps
    • Maize Farms
    • Millet Farms
    • Motor Industries
    • Munition Plants
    • Oil Rigs
    • Opium Plantations
    • Paper Mills
    • Power Plants
    • Railway
    • Rice Farms
    • Rubber Plantations
    • Rye Farms
    • Shipyards
    • Silk Plantations
    • Steel Mills
    • Sugar Plantations
    • Sulfur Mines
    • Synthetics Plants
    • Tea Plantations
    • Textile Mills
    • Tobacco Plantations
    • Tooling Workshops
    • War Machine Industries
    • Whaling Stations
    • Wheat Farms
Pan-nationalism icon
The notions of nationalism are in general the idea of people who speak the same language are the same people. But what of those who almost speak the same language as us? People see them as our cousins, but there is a new school of thought that they are really our long lost brothers and we should be united into a great whole. Together we will be stronger and able to protect our people.
Philosophical Pragmatism icon
Philosophical Pragmatism
The application and actions of philosophical thought can open up whole new avenues for social and political analysis.
Socialism icon
A political ideology that encourages common social ownership of the means of production and self management by workers rather than an upper class.
Steel-Frame Buildings icon
Steel-Frame Buildings
By making a steel frame to hold up the rest of the building, it is possible to make much taller and sturdier buildings.
  • +0.05 Infrastructure from Population
  • +10.00 Maximum Infrastructure from Population
  • +5 Construction Sector Max Level
Central Planning icon
Central Planning
Leveraging all the latest innovations in management science and electric communication, long-term plans for sweeping societal development can be coordinated by a single administrative office.
  • +25 Taxation Capacity
Elevators icon
Through a complex system of weights and pulleys, it possible to raise people and objects to desired heights at will.
  • +0.05 Infrastructure from Population
  • +10.00 Maximum Infrastructure from Population
  • +5 Construction Sector Max Level
Film icon
By taking many photographs in quick succession, it is possible to capture movement in real time. This can then be processed and played back.
  • +5.0% Prestige
International Exchange Standards icon
International Exchange Standards
Establishing an international system of accounting and exchange makes trade between nations simpler and cheaper to maintain.
  • +10.0% Minting
  • −2% Loan interest rate
Malaria Prevention icon
Malaria Prevention
Through a combination of medicine and preventative methods such as mosquito nets, it is possible to lower the effect of Malaria in affected regions.
Multilateral Alliances icon
Multilateral Alliances
The industrial potential and global reach of modern states requires the formation of truly international alliances to ensure the safety of our interests.
  • +25 Maneuvers per Diplomatic Play
  • Allow Multiple Alliances: yes
Political Agitation icon
Political Agitation
By taking to the streets, political agitators rile people up, encouraging them to take political action at the first possible moment.
Psychoanalysis icon
Theories of personal mental development provide the framework for broader theories of social behavior, which can be used to help understand the collective instincts and thoughts of the population.
Zeppelins icon
A sort of rigid lighter-than-air aircraft, the zeppelin can carry freight and passenger loads high above the clouds, surpassing obstacles on land and sea.
Analytical Philosophy icon
Analytical Philosophy
A rigorous, argumentative approach to philosophy, the formal logic and near-mathematical attitude of analytic philosophy provides a solid framework to approach social movements with.
Antibiotics icon
Antibiotics are an advanced medicine used for fighting infections, allowing a greater survival rate in hospitals.
Behaviorism icon
Establishing the law of effect, it becomes possible to create a predictive model of behavior that can be applied to the public at large.
Macroeconomics icon
Money should be approached holistically. Why only consider how a single market may fare in the next five years, when all the markets, together, globally, can be accounted for?
  • +50.0% Trade Route Volume
  • +25% Trade Route Competitiveness
Mass Propaganda icon
Mass Propaganda
By printing and distributing a large amount of information in a short amount of time, it is possible to get your version of truth spread much more quickly and effectively than ever before.
Mass Surveillance icon
Mass Surveillance
By having specific people whose sole purpose is to follow and report on others, it is possible to keep a much closer eye on what is going on in your country.
  • +25 Taxation Capacity
Modern Financial Instruments icon
Modern Financial Instruments
Moneymaking methods continue to grow and proliferate. Some methods may involve money flowing in a pyramid upwards, but all of them involve more and more money flowing all the time.
  • +10.0% Minting
  • −2% Loan interest rate
Paved Roads icon
Paved Roads
Dirt roads are bumpy, uneven, and at the slightest hint of water they become horrible muddy traps for heavy vehicles. Paving roads, providing a solid surface that won't wear and tear so quickly as dirt and gravel, helps provide a nicer experience for road-users and improve the flow of freight and passenger traffic.
  • +0.05 Infrastructure from Population
  • +10.00 Maximum Infrastructure from Population
  • +5 Construction Sector Max Level

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