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The below is a collection of PDX video tutorials for Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 tutorials[edit | edit source]

Victoria 3 Tutorial - Economics. Learn about the economy in Victoria 3 with Paul Depre! Master the basics, find your niche, expand horizontally or vertically and lead your nation into a brighter future!
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Goods and Resources. CallMeEzekiel shows how to use the four types of goods: Staple, Luxury, Industrial, and Military Goods. Learn about the resource chain and how to make complex products to further your empire.
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Buildings and Infrastructure. CallMeEzekiel shows how to build up your economy, infrastructure, and government buildings within your growing nation.
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Trade and Markets. Victoria 3 has one of the deepest trade and market mechanics of any game, bringing you hundreds of decisions on how to change the world via trade goods and routes. CallMeEzekiel is here to explain how to best manage your empire's trade.
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Income and Wealth. PartyElite shows you how to bring wealth to your population and income into your bank account. Spend wisely!
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Pop Needs. PartyElite delves into populations needs, what they are and how to fulfil them! What will result from fulfilling them?
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Interest Groups. PartyElite explores Interest Groups, what they are, what they do and how to affect them!
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Policies and Laws. It's time to dig into policies, laws, government institutions, and more with heyitscara! This tutorial covers all the many actions you can take as your nations leader in Victoria 3.
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Diplomacy. Find out how to rule the world through diplomatic policies, acts, and plays in Victoria 3! Heyitscara shows what measures a country can take to make sure they stay at the top of the global power chain.
Victoria 3 Tutorial - Warfare. When diplomacy fails, war will break out and you must prepare your armies and navies! Heyitscara explains about how to prepare for war, conduct battle fronts, and manage your armies.

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