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Victoria III has 45 different achievements with varying difficulty levels, ranging from very easy to very hard ones. They have no in-game effects and are used mainly highlight different gaming experiences by providing players "goals" to strive for.

Once the requirements for an achievement have been completed a notification will pop-up to let the player know about it -- note that this will happen once per an achievements (unless the achievements are removed from the player profile using 3rd party tools). Depending on the gaming platform, the achievement can then be used as a vanity item to be displayed on the player's profile.

Achievements can only be gained in single-player games using game rules that don't block achievements (for example, AI behavior towards player can't be lenient). Playing game in offline mode (saving game in offline even once) permanently disables achievements for that savegame. They can be earned while playing older versions of the game as long as they were present in that version.

It is not possible to gain achievements if the checksum has been changed -- either by tampering with game files, or by running the game using mods that affect gameplay mechanics (graphical mods do not affect checksum), or a corrupted installation (the Ironman mode icon will change to reflect this).

Note: For convenience purposes, this article references the Steam achievements mechanics, but they may be available on other platforms as well. On Steam, it is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete them by going to the game's global achievements page (for more precise numbers one can use the Steam web API).

List of achievements

  • The descriptions on this page are taken from the in-game achievement list; the descriptions on Steam (or other platforms) may be different.
  • The Notes column is to clarifying information regarding the achievement or to add short helpful tips. It should not be longer than 2-3 lines (in total).
  • The Victoria 3 column indicates whether an achievement requires a certain DLC to complete it.
  • The Ver column indicates the initial version the achievement has appeared in and thus the earliest version that it can be completed on.
  • The DI column indicates the achievement's difficulty level. The initial listing uses the game's difficulty categorization, however, it can be changed according to player consensus.
The difficulty levels are: E = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, VH = Very Hard, UC = Uncategorized.

Base game

Achievement Description Notes Victoria 3 Ver DI
Achievement american territory.png American Territory Starting as the Indian Territory, have the Flag of USA USA as a subject with no more than three states. 1.0 VH

Achievement an empire under the pun.png An Empire under the Pun Starting as the Flag of Punjab Sikh Empire, subjugate Flag of Great Britain Great Britain. 1.0 VH

Achievement anarchy in the uk.png Anarchy in the UK Starting as Flag of Great Britain Great Britain, have an Anarchist form of government. 1.0 M

Achievement barbarys back.png Barbary's Back Starting as Flag of Algeria Algeria, retake Algiers and become a Major Power. 1.0 M

Achievement belle epoque.png Belle Époque Starting as Flag of France France, have the highest GDP per capita and Innovation generation in the world. 1.0 M

Achievement billionare.png Billionare Have a national GDP of at least £1 billion. 1.0 VH

Achievement bourbon for everyone.png Bourbon for everyone! Starting as Flag of Spain Spain, have an average standard of living of at least 20 while remaining a monarchy. 1.0 H

Achievement broken promises.png Broken Promises As Flag of Italy Italy join a diplomatic play against 2 or more of your allies. 1.0 M

Achievement caretaker.png Caretaker Complete the 'Egalitarian Society' objective. 1.0 M

Achievement deeds not words.png Deeds, not words! Pass the Women's Suffrage law. 1.0 M

Achievement educated.png Educated Complete the 'Learn the Game' objective. 1.0 E

Achievement enlightened despot.png Enlightened Despot Have electrical street lights in all states while being an Autocracy. 1.0 M

Achievement first flight.png First flight Be the first nation in the world to fly aeroplanes. 1.0 M

Achievement go west young man.png Go West, Young Man Starting as the Flag of USA USA, own California, Oregon and Washington with 250k or more population in each. 1.0 M

Achievement grander colombia.png Grander Colombia Form Flag of Gran Colombia Grand Colombia and own all land in the Gran Colombia, Andes, and La Plata strategic regions. 1.0 H

Achievement habsburg resurgence.png Habsburg Resurgence Starting as Flag of Austria Austria, own Silesia and Flag of Prussia Prussia must be Minor Power or lower rank. 1.0 H

Achievement hegemon.png Hegemon Complete the 'Hegemon' objective. 1.0 M

Achievement i am a scandinavian.png I am a Scandinavian Form the nation of Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia. 1.0 M

Achievement i didnt vote for pedro.png I didn't vote for Pedro Starting as Flag of Brazil Brazil, change government to Republic and implement Universal Suffrage. 1.0 H

Achievement institutional.png Institutional Have an institution at maximum investment level. 1.0 E

Achievement inventive.png Inventive Research all technologies across all three categories. 1.0 H

Achievement luxurious luxembourg.png Luxurious Luxembourg Starting as Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg, be the leading producer of Luxury Clothes, Luxury Furniture, and Porcelain. 1.0 H

Achievement manifest mexico.png Manifest Mexico Starting as Flag of Mexico Mexico, own the Pacific Coast & Great Plains, and have a higher Power Rank than the Flag of USA USA. 1.0 H

Achievement mightier than the sword.png Mightier than the Sword Have the other side back down in a diplomatic play. 1.0 E

Achievement miners and minors.png Miners and Minors Starting as Flag of Lanfang Lanfang, incorporate all states in Borneo and have the 'Compulsory Primary School' law 1.0 M

Achievement muhammed alis ambition.png Muhammed Ali's Ambition Starting as Flag of Egypt Egypt, form Flag of Arabia Arabia and own Thrace. 1.0 H

Achievement peccavi.png Peccavi Starting as the Flag of East India Company British India Company, fully own the states of Sind and Punjab. 1.0 M

Achievement perkeletankki.png Perkeletankki Starting as Flag of Finland Finland, produce at least 100 units of tanks every week. 1.0 M

Achievement poor huddled masses.png Poor, Huddled Masses Have a cultural migration target in one of your states. 1.0 E

Achievement poppydock.png Poppydock Have at least a level 8 port and export at least 2500 units of Opium to foreign markets. 1.0 H

Achievement reading campaign.png Reading Campaign Starting as a nation with less than 20% literacy, get to 100% literacy. 1.0 M

Achievement revolutionary.png Revolutionary Switch sides to the revolutaries in a civil war and win the ensuing conflict. 1.0 E

Achievement risorgimento.png Risorgimento Form the nation of Flag of Italy Italy. 1.0 M

Achievement serfs up.png Serf's up Starting as a nation with Serfdom, enact Worker's Protections Labour Rights Law. 1.0 M

Achievement solomons quest.png Solomon's Quest Form the nation of Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia. 1.0 M

Achievement star swarmed banner.png Star-Swarmed Banner As the Flag of USA United States, have 100 incorporated states represented on your flag. 1.0 H

Achievement the berlin conference.png The Berlin Conference Starting as Flag of Prussia Prussia, form Flag of Germany Germany and fully own at least 10 states in Africa. 1.0 M

Achievement great game.png The Great Game Starting as Flag of Russia Russia, own the entire Central Asia region. 1.0 H

Achievement healthy man of europe.png The Healthy Man of Europe Starting as the Flag of Turkey Ottomans, be the Greatest Power while having max level Public Health Insurance. 1.0 H

Achievement the paris commune.png The Paris Commune Starting as Flag of France France, become a Council Republic and have a Command Economy. 1.0 M

Achievement the western protectorate.png The Western Protectorate Starting as Flag of China Great Qing, have a treaty port in France, Germany, the British Isles, Iberia and Italy. 1.0 H

Achievement three hurrahs.png Three Hurrahs Form the nation of Flag of Germany Germany. 1.0 M

Achievement tycoon.png Tycoon Complete the 'Economic Dominance' objective. 1.0 M

Achievement victorian century.png Victorian Century Play a full campaign from 1836 to 1936. 1.0 E

Achievement we are not amused.png We are not amused Starting as Flag of Great Britain Great Britain, Expel Diplomats of a Great Power with Cordial or better relations. 1.0 E